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In this paradise away from the dust but not from the town, to watch the
coconut groves nearby, overlooking the far away mountains
it’s the best place to cleanse body and soul.

Coconut Grove Pool

The Great Roots has the most spacious outdoor swimming pool, allowing you and your family to enjoy playing and relaxing. You can also enjoy besides swimming the natural phytoncid, to thoroughly cleanse your body and mind.

Shower room

Before or after swimming, to fulfill your need to clean-up, we have prepared bath towels, towels, hair dryers and other supplies for you, so your body can be nice and warm.

Storage Cabinets


Opening Hours:

Summer Vacation from June to September


Monday to Sunday 08:00 - 18:00.

Will not open if typhoons, power outages and other force

    majeure factors occur.


Reservation Line (02) 2674--9228 # 3701