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Multiple types of holiday facilities. Enjoy oxygen-rich forest holidays
Relax and have fun with the family, the most assured environment making
both adults and children happy.

During your stay, the Great Roots Resort provides an entertainment center for parents and their children to enjoy, allowing you to play and reinforce your parent-child relationship. We also provide a children's playroom, chess room, billiards and table tennis room, video game area.  These  enabling parents to take care of their children nearby, which really make the kids happy while the adults are free of worries!

Children's playroom

Children's space exclusively designed for the future masters, a high-ceilinged space planning with a specially designed colorful play space, cleverly planned children only reading room and children's play area. It is a theme park where parents and children can share happy moments together or enjoy playing and having a good time.

XBOX 360 Play Area

Children with Mom and Dad playing together, rent a XBOX and play with them, it will be the best memory! Stay at the Great Roots and utilize the spare time before going to bed to play with the family at the entertainment center, further deepening the family bonds! We guarantee that the laughter never stops.

Video Game Area

In this area, we have planned several interactive video games and puzzle games to offer the kids more satisfaction, through a variety of sound and light planning to create a happy new gaming space.

Chess Room

The entertainment center offers a variety of table games, checkers, chess, Go, Monopoly etc., for the adults and children who come here to all be fully immersed in the fun atmosphere with their families and accumulate lots of memories.

Periodicals and magazines reading area

Providing diversified reading services including reading and borrowing of books, periodicals, references, an adult reading area is also in the same room to provide a place where mothers and their children can enjoy the pleasure of reading together.

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday 09:00 - 22:00.

Accommodation card is needed to enter this area, there is no     limit on the length of time to stay or number of use.