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The only remaining low-altitude pristine rainforest in Taiwan,
take a deep breath and let the forest phytoncid take away the excess
pressures from deep inside you.

Pristine Rainforest of the Great Roots

Taiwan's only remaining low-altitude pristine rainforest, within the area there are many breathtaking large buttress root plants with rich ecological combination such as giant vines over hundreds of years old sprawling over the towering woodlands! It can be regarded as "a treasure trove of the rainforest plantation!” With more than ten years of the operator's conservation work, these sub-tropical rainforest wonders formed over hundreds and thousands of years are able to become the pride of Taiwan in the international ecological conservation and forestry tourism!

The miracle of life ─ buttress roots

Within the vicinity of the Great Roots, there is the buttress root forest consisting of Mountain Figs, Cluster Figs, etc. where  the roots of the Mountain Fig can be as high as 180cms above ground. Together with the Looking Glass Tree from the Kenting National Park, they are called Taiwan's “buttress root kings".

The Great Roots has the only national treasure-level pristine buttress root forest landscape, with over six hundred kinds of lively plants and thousands of insect ecology. It has a high ornamental and research value. Of course you can also visit the home of the Muller's Barbet and meet with the fireflies and other small creatures which are rarely seen in the plains, from March to November.

Caring for the forest is cherishing health

You know that the reason why people in the mountains feel their minds becoming more stable and refreshed is because of "phytoncid"? This is because the plant can emit a volatile substance called "phytoncid", which can kill airborne bacteria and provide great benefits for human health. The rainforest is also known as "the lungs of the Earth", for the human body, the phytoncid produced by the forest phytoncid has an anti-aging quality making it the most natural source for gaining great health.


There are three major effects of a forest bath: forest walking: improves health with stretching out and aerobics. Forest phytoncid: relieves pressure and sterilization to prevent diseases. Negative ions from fog and streams: calms the nerves, longevity and elimination of civil diseases, it is known as air vitamins.