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Visit the Only Remaining Low Altitude Pristine Rainforest in Taiwan
Enjoy in the Natural and Cultural Landscape of the Great Roots

Admission Ticket Price
Take a deep breath and let the forest phytoncid take away the excess pressures from deep inside you.

To the human body, the forest phytoncid has anti-aging functions. It is the most natural source of good health. In Taiwan, the only remaining low-altitude pristine rainforest is “The Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort,” the best place to be for retaining good health. Because of the richness of the park’s forest plants, the oxygen level of the park is as high as 20,000 ppm, far greater than Xitou or Yangmingshan, it is a world-class precious resource!


Forest  Admission

● Adult: NT$250 for adults over 140cm in height.

●Student:NT$200 certificate of student or military and police provided.

● Discount ticket: NT$150 children, elderly, those who hold a disabled manual.