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Elegantly private bathing space
You can totally relax in your spare time

Indoor Scenic Hot Springs Bath /

Outdoor Scenic Hot Springs Bath

17 quiet and differently styled individual cabins with Elegantly stunning scenery is easily framed like a painting. You will be able to feel the clever fusion of Heaven, not knowing if you are situated in-between the clouds or had hidden in a forest!

Visiting the Great Roots, you can leave behind the hustle and bustle and let yourself be cleansed by the forest phytoncid to reduce pressure and then experience a variety of spa baths. This is the true meaning of health which cannot be experienced anywhere else. Moreover, it is the best gift from nature to the body and mind.


Indoor Scenic Hot Springs Bath

Independent, secret cabin, with windows overlooking the Japanese garden landscaping together with the unique spring landscape, you can enjoy the laid-back atmosphere condensed in the air.

Separate men’s and women’s Japanese-style naked indoor bath. You can choose your preference, by utilizing the hot spring baths well with four levels of temperature plus cold and icy pools, allowing you to enhance the simple joy of enjoying the hot springs bath to the level of improving your health. .


Outdoor Scenic Hot Springs Bath

Separate men’s and women’s Japanese garden style naked bath with unique mountain landscaping and plantations surroundings are provided in the outdoor hot springs bath. The men’s and women’s bath water is regularly changed. .


Outdoor Scenic Hot Springs Bath (Members’ Exclusive)

✽Scenic Baths are limited for members only or accommodation tenants for an added price.