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The code 1918 has opened the secret for beautiful skin since ancient times;
the top beauty bath which went beyond Taiwan and Japan's national
testing standards for hot springs.

The new landmark of Sanxia,

The beauty bath of the Great Roots

The Great Roots hot spring is licensed by the Taiwanese Government with the "Hot Spring Certificate" and is the only great quality hot springs licensed in the Sanxia area.

After the excavating investigation of the Great Roots hot springs conducted by an international hot spring mining exploration team, we paid for importing the latest and largest equipment from Japan and hired Japanese technicians. After eight months of hard work, we finally succeeded in the excavation of a pure and pollution-free spring underground at a depth of 1530 meters, which was filtered by multiple layers of rock..

Under the strict certification testing by Japanese experts, the hot spring is recognized as a colorless, odorless top ranked sodium bicarbonate salt springs. Considering the amount of water, water temperature or water quality, it is one of the best springs in Taiwan. It does not only have a significant effect on the digestive and nervous systems and other adverse symptoms. Most people also call it a beauty bath, because after bathing, the skin will be so delicately soft, frequent bathing can clarify the skin tone and activate the skin cells.


Because it is a privately owned deep well hot spring, the water quality, temperature, volume and various spa facilities are subject to strict controls, in addition to not having to worry about issues about using recycled water or of recycling. It is also more hygienic compared to other ground springs.

Within the confines of the resort, you can witness the miracle of nature; experience the beauty of the hot springs spa, and dance together with the forest jumping squirrels, happy singing birds and funny, cute frogs.We anticipate you to be at ease and joyful, just like a child, and we believe that we will be able to bring you amazing and unlimited joy!

Hot Springs Natural Sodium Bicarbonate Salt Springs (commonly known as: Beauty Bath)


Instructions: bathing / immersion

Hot Springs pH: weak alkaline / pH 8.4
Main functions: neuralgia / muscle pain / arthralgia /

 frozen shoulder / nerve palsy / sprain / silt bruises / 

 joint stiffness / chronic digestive diseases / iciness /

 illness recovery / fatigue / health promotion / cuts / burns