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The Great Roots converts the taste of warmth and health to you through coffee, bread and cakes. We offer pastries made with healthy local ingredients and plenty of loving care. This is hoping that our guests can enjoy their relaxing time in the resort while at the same time tasting the great flavors that we offer. Our Great Roots Bakery is committed to improving the quality and diversity of the products, so why not come to our café during your visit and have a taste of the chef’s masterpieces.

All kinds of theme cakes

The Great Roots prepares occasion theme cakes for specific holidays such as Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas.


Sweet and sour cranberry combined with cheese, accompanied by sablés biscuits. The biscuits at the bottom layer bring out the overall flavor.

Parmesan cheese

Rich cheesecake with a dense and smoothly delicate texture, light and not greasy, it is a cake worth tasting.

Customized exquisite pastries

The Great Roots pays attention to special meetings at the resort, heartwarming customization of pastries for group guests will definitely meet your diverse needs.

Black Cherry Pie

Cream cheese pie with a crispy crust combined with an upper layer of fresh brandied black cherries enhancing the flavor.

Fragrant coffee cheesecake

Dense and delicate cheesecake with a soft texture but not greasy, the sweet and sour taste is a combination of a classic perfect match.