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Lively outing in the rainforest,
reunion barbecue with friends and family.

The joyful time of meeting up with friends

The weekend is coming and you are thinking of going out to the suburbs, what is better than organizing a barbecue with friends? However, the thought of preparing barbecue ingredients and supplies and getting yourself exhausted can reduce the interest to do so by more than half.

Still worried about what to do? Better enjoy having the experts prepare the ingredients at the Great Roots. We also help you prepare the drinks and all the barbecue utensils, relieving you from the trouble of carrying all the things while attending a barbecue.  We welcome small and large groups to call for an appointment. Please contact us!

Self-help Barbecue

Lunch from NT$ 2,500 / group

(to the above price is added a ten percent service charge)


Dinner from NT$ 4,000 / group

(to the above price is added a ten percent service charge)


Barbecue Opening hours:

Noon Grill 11:00 - 14:00 

Night Grill 17:30 - 21:00


Barbecue fee per group is for ten people. The set will include      ingredients and utensils.
Barbecue is subject to tickets, please make reservations in      advance.

The park bans fireworks, portable gas cans, firecrackers and      other dangerous items, and any related activities using audio      equipment.