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Visit the Only Remaining Low Altitude Pristine Rainforest in Taiwan
Indulge in the Natural and Cultural Landscape of the Great Roots

The Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort is located in Sanxia,New Taipei City, Taiwan. In 1922, when Taiwan was under Japanese rule, this place was the Oohyou Tea Factory ran by the Mitsui Koumei Company, producing the renowned "Nittoh Black Tea", the largest tea factory in Southeast Asia. What’s more, the travel lodge for the Crown Prince of Japan was established here during the Showa era. After the end of World War II in 1945,this place went through decades of changes in its operating modes from the Taiwan Agricultural and Forestry Company, Haishan Park,Happy Excursion Forest Park etc. and was transformed into the Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort that it is today.

The Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort is a place with magnificent treasures. The area is about 17 hectares and it is the only remaining low altitude sub-tropical pristine rainforest in Taiwan that is more than 300 meters above sea level, which can be regarded as a national treasure.The park has more than 600 kinds of plants and thousands of species of insects. The rich ecological environment includes buttress root plants, giant vines, insects and rare birds, which can be really amazing and holds a highly ornamental and research value. It is a holiday resort comparable to the national nature ecological parks.

In 2001, with the park geological exploration conducted by an international hot springs expert team and a successful Japanese mining company, we excavated the natural pollution-free "sodium bicarbonate salt spring" from 1,530 meters underground.Under strict Japanese national testing and examination, the springs were confirmed to contain 1918 milligrams of rich trace elements and minerals per liter, which about doubled the Japanese national standards and almost quadrupled Taiwan’s hot springs standards, making it the best of the springs. The special qualities of the hot springs include beauty cosmetic effects and is able to clarify the skin and activate the skin cells, giving the skin a clean and dewy glow, at the same time improving the conditions of the digestive and nerve systems. Due to the excellent characteristics of the spring water, it is renowned as the "beauty bath".


The Great Roots was not meant for development, the overall development was based on the pristine environment for the plants, insisting in coexisting with nature. We believe that there is life and art everywhere in the forest, and witnessing the self-breakthrough of life which is the real essence that touches people's hearts. Only by fusing your open heart in to the nature, can the affection last.

Within the confines of the resort, you can witness the miracle of nature; experience the beauty of the hot springs spa, and dance together with the forest jumping squirrels, happy singing birds and funny, cute frogs.We anticipate you to be at ease and joyful, just like a child, and we believe that we will be able to bring you amazing and unlimited joy!