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Bus Travel Guide

●Taipei to Sanxia.

For National Freeway No.3, Southbound, take the Sanxia Interchange Exit; Northbound, take Sanyin Interchange Exit. Go along

    Fuxing Rd. and  turn right at Zhongzheng Rd., follow the signs after turning.
✽To Dapu and follow the left forward and drive along the Tai 7B Line and you  shall be arriving at the Resort in about 15 minutes.
✽Driving from the Great Taipei or north of the Xinzhu area, you will be able to arrive in about 60 minutes.
✽Guests who use GPS can directly search for the “Great Roots” and set it as their destination.


●Taipei Bus line 807 Sanxia to Xiongkong (Chajiao Great Roots stop) departure timetable.

Time on weekdays (Monday - Friday) 
✽05:30 ✽07:00 ✽09:30 ✽12:00 ✽15:00 ✽17:30
Time on holidays (Saturday-Sunday) 
✽06:00 ✽08:30 ✽11:00 ✽15:00 ✽17:30

The arrival schedule when departing from the Great Roots stop to the Sanxia line is the original 

    departure time listed above plus 50 – 60 minutes.

✽The departure time listed above is for reference only, if there is any change, the Taipei Bus version

    shall prevail, our resort will not carry out any further amendments.


Taxi Transfer Guide

●Taxi service is available to Sanxia, the fee is approximately NT$400.

     (The resort also offers taxi calling service for the return trip) 


Limousine Service

●Shuttle car departure schedule (model: Fox Limousine.

 Travel route A:

12:30 Departure from the Great Roots gate to the Banqiao High-speed Rail: NT $ 300 per person

13:30 Departure from the Banqiao High-speed Rail N-2 Gate to the Great Roots gate: NT $ 300 per person


 Travel route B:(service only provided from 8: 00-17: 00) 

The Great Roots gate to Yongning Exit 2: NT $ 250 per person 

Yongning Exit 2 to the Great Roots gate: NT $ 250 per person 


 Travel route C

Taoyuan International Airport to the Great Roots: NT $ 600 per person

The Great Roots to Taoyuan International Airport: NT $ 600 per person


✽ Caution

*Paid shuttle service exclusive to the tenants. (At least two accommodated guests).

*Guests please make reservations three days prior, until full.

*Not applicable during the Chinese New Year.