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Visit the Only Remaining Low Altitude Pristine Rainforest in Taiwan
Indulge in the Natural and Cultural Landscape of the Great Roots

The Great Roots International Resort, the only two international tourist hotels in New Taipei City Taiwan

The Great Roots International Resort is licensed by the Taiwan New Taipei City Government under the "International Tourist Hotel" license, of which there are only two that have been currently issued by the Taiwan New Taipei City Government. The hotel has a wide range of guest rooms and utilities, including 100 deluxe guest rooms, meeting halls, saloons, cafés, gyms, boutiques and an international conference hall which can accommodate from 50 up to 500 people etc., which can definitely guarantee you the most comfortable leisure time or business discussions.

International Conference Hall

The independent, comfortable undisturbed meeting environment of the Great Roots is very suitable for all types of seminars and meetings. We have tailored all types of different customized projects of meeting suites, which can meet the needs for meetings of 50 to 500 people.

Hotel Guest Room Area

The guest rooms of the Great Roots are simple with luxury with delicate minimalist design, together with a vast mountain view, offering a warm and comfortable home-like feeling. The close to nature wood texture and calming tones completely present an elegant and relaxing space, adding to the warm, pleasant and happy memories accumulated with family members, good friends and loved ones whom you travel with.


Great Roots Café

Immerse yourself in the phytoncid-abundant environment and enjoy the healthy and specialty meal. Of course by hiding in the greenwood mountains, take a sip of the phytoncid-topped coffee is the most luxurious joy after bathing in the hot springs. You can also indulge yourself in any cozy and comfortable corner to enjoy the great time that belongs only to you and your family.