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Visit the Only Remaining Low Altitude Pristine Rainforest in Taiwan
Indulge in the Natural and Cultural Landscape of the Great Roots

The Great Roots International Resort, the only two international tourist hotels in New Taipei City Taiwan

Someone once said to us, the rainforest has such a precious piece of the eco-system, as we strive to preserve them, maybe one day, this forest will give us something back in return......In fact, in order to keep this piece of forest, we never thought about whether or not to get anything in return. After decades of efforts to operate and the park geological exploration conducted by an international hot springs expert team together with a successful Japanese mining company, we excavated the natural pollution-free "sodium bicarbonate salt springs" from 1530 meters underground.

Just like a butterfly breaking out from the cocoon and finally displaying its beautiful wings.

Here was once Taiwan's largest tea factory during the Japanese occupation era and was then taken over by the Forestry Department after liberation. At that time the place was named “Haishan Park”. Later it was owned by the father of the artist Debbie Chou, and the name was then changed to “Happy Excursion Forest Park”.

Decades ago, Chairman Cai Chunlong took over this precious treasure from the hands of Mr.Chou, starting from there, the “Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort " was officially presented to the world. After the end of World War II in 1945, this place went through decades of changes in operating modes from the Taiwan Agricultural and Forestry Company, Haishan Park, Happy Excursion Forest Park etc. and then transformed into the Great Roots Forestry Spa Resort that it is today.


There is a famous saying in Chinese garden design: bringing the house in to the scene but not bringing the scene in to the house, This meant bringing the building into the natural environment rather than creating a natural landscape inside the building complex. The less than 20% low-density development of the Great Roots enables you to enjoy the exposure of the original natural forest surroundings. We believe there is life and art everywhere in the forest and witnessing the self-breakthrough of life which is the real essence that touches people's hearts. Only by fusing your open heart to the nature, can the affection last.